One of my passions is photography


Katahdin and Dorper/

Katahdin Cross Hair Sheep.

The Birds are my peace

and meditation.  



about our loft and aviary

2006 - We have now moved into our new home on 5 acres. Our first loft was built and the birds were moved over. For now the pheasants, doves, quail and guinea pig will be housed with the pigeons until we can start building the large aviary for them. Above is a picture of the pigeon "loft".


Black Copper Marans, Bourbon Red

Turkey, Silky and Egg laying chickens.


Grey Peacock Pheasant and White

Crested Kalij.


Shakhsharli Tumblers, Old Style

Saddle Muff Tumblers, Modena,

Mookee, White Homers & Ring Neck doves.

What I Keep
Whitby Win​gs Farm and Aviary

Aviary 2012