Silky chickens- a new breed that i added in 2013

Red Baron, my bourbon red tom turkey

Silver laced wyandotte named "CURIOUS"

Rose Comb Bantam Hen

Red Star                                       Buff Orpington                              Ameraucana                              

One of my Favorite egg laying chicken is the Black Copper Marans.  They come in either clean legged or Feathered- (French)  I have some of each.  But the main thing about them is the rich deep color of their eggs.  Chocolate Eggs.... Yes, Wish they were chocolate but they are just a normal egg inside.  The color is rated by the chart numbers.  Mine are around 6 and 7.  Very hard to find ones at 8 and 9.  

More about the Marans

Buff Rooster with some of his girls.  French Houdan hen in front.

Whitby Win​gs Farm and Aviary