Head: As large as possible, proportionate to body size, round in profile, rising sharply with a forward sweep off wattle and continuing round to the back of the head. Then merging with the neck.
Head Markings: A white snip or blaze, commencing at the base of the upper mandible and extending up the center of the skull approximately 5/8 inch. Width of the snip to be approximately 1/4 inch wide. A hempseed sized dot to be over each eye. The white chuck or bib under the beak is approximatley the length of the beak. The white extends to just beyond the eye, running partly through it, and continues straight to between the mandibles, forming the two colored whiskers which are pear-shaped patches (one on either side of the face) which extend from the lower mandibles. The patches are fully contained within the white bib. (dots are a plus and should be strongly considered when judging head markings) 

Points- 25

Faults: Lacking top sull because of flat or oval shaped from side view. Lacking back skull because of back part of skull falling off abruptly.

Wattle: Small, real fine in texture and white in color. Close fitting so as to appear an integral part of the beak, rather than set upon it.

Points- 4

Eye: Bold and centrally placed between the frontal, top and back skull. Pearl white iris with pupil black an das small as possible, 
Points- 4 
Faults: Red, Yellow or Gravel iris color. 
Disqualifications: Bull eyes, broken or split pupil. 

Cere: Small and threadlike of fine texture. Closely feathered around and cere to be flesh colored. 
Points- 4

Faults: Feathers not closely fitting cere (i.e., open cere) 

Beak: A straight beak setting is dersired. The length of the Olde Style Saddle beak is approximately 3/8 inch and makes the whole head look correct. Ideally the upper mandible to be bone color. The lower mandible to be dark in color. 
Points- 6 
Major Faults: Low set beak 
Disqualifications: Twisted, crooked, crossed or otherwise deformed mandibles. Neck: Compact, broad at shoulders gradually tapering to throat and slightly arched. 
Points- 6 

Body: The small to medium sized cobby body is wedge- shaped from above, and its curved Sines end with the wings laying on the tail which is off the floor. Chest is well rounded carried forward. The average weight is 13 to 15 ounces. 
Points- 7 

Flights & Tail: Flights tightly folded to be carried above the tail, broad and short coverts, closing neatly over rump. Tail short, closely folded and wedge shaped, allowing flights to almost meet one half inch from end of tail. Tail to have twelve (12) tail feathers.

Flights- 5 Points
Tail- 5 Points
Total Points- 10
Faults: Flights that do not meet above tail, wide tail, tail extending more than 1 inch beyond tips of flights.
Disqualifications: More/less than 12 tail feathers. 

Carriage: Slightly upright. Eye should be carried directly over the toes. Tip of the tail not more than one half inch off the floor. 
Points- 8 
Fault: Will not show or stand properly, wing shields. 

Feather Quality & Color Feathers to be fine, smooth and soft with good breadth. Feathers should be dose and tight fitting. The color appearance to be rich, sound and lustrous throughout and of even shade well extended into the roots of the quills. 
Points- 10 
Faults: Rough, course or uneven feathering. Pin Holes in flights, tail feathers. 
Points- 10 

Legs & Feet: Muffs should be approximately four to six inches. They are profuse with the outer edge forming a hlf circle and meeting the hocks without break. The hocks are to be profusely feathered with points just clearing the floor. 
Points- 6 
Faults: Discolored toe nails, legs too long or too short in proportion to body. Broken muff feathers. Colored feathers in hocks. 
Disqulifications: Crooked or deformed toes. 

Body Markings: The Saddle body markings are: The remainder of head and neck to be colored as is the breast to a horizontal demarcation Sine just below the breast bone. The saddle or wing coverts should be "V-shaped," extend from the top of each shoulder in even outline to the rump. The back and tail to be the same color as the body, a white band (approximately 1 inch width) running across the rump and underneath it. The remainder of teh body, feet, hocks, rump, wings and cushion feathers are white. 
Points- 10 

Total Points- 100 

Whitby Win​gs Farm and Aviary

Old Style / English Saddleback Muffed